About UK Metadata Editor

The UK MDE is funded by the UK Cabinet Office and Defra as part of the UK Location Infrastucture. It is designed to facilitate users in the creation of standards compliant and correctly encoded geospatial metadata records that are based on a profile of the UK geospatial metadata standard GEMINI2.

Records created by the UK MDE are both GEMINI2 and INSPIRE compliant and are capable of being harvested and published by the data.gov.uk (geo) portal in order to meet EU INSPIRE discovery compliance. Records can also be downloaded from the UK MDE and independently managed locally by users.

This site also provides a default publishing capacity for users by the autocreation of an Organisational-speciifc Web Accessible Folder (WAF) which may optionally be registered with data.gov.uk for harvesting.

UK MDE was developed by EDINA, Univeristy of Edinburgh using a mix of open source technologies. If you are interested in either a bespoke version of the editor and/or in training with respect to geospatial metadata, please contact us.


Contains Glyphicons Free licensed under CC BY 3.0.